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Enterprise content management agency ready to embrace your ideas and bring them to life


Why CodeNext?

Because people come first!

Connected by years of experience in shaping the web experience of some of the biggest brands we are ready to support your business today. We have created a team of dedicated individuals, with unique set of skills and talents.

  • Why? - We believe innovation and quality are two sides of the same coin
  • How? - With a mix of experience, focus and team spirit,
    we take on a challenge and deliver a solution
  • What? - We specialise in enterprise content management
    based on Adobe Experience Manager

Meet our team

Take a look at our services

AEM projects development

We offer a complete AEM development team. We are able to manage and develop AEM projects and modules, and offer a continuous support.


Consultants' visits to the customer and close work with the customer's team on-site

Remote Team Management

Your company is expanding and you need more developers to handle the extra workload? We can bootstrap a remote team within weeks to get you back on track with the timeline.

Web Projects

We provide a complete set of web development services for websites, web applications, proofs of concept and prototypes.

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